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Breakthrough in Gamlingology

I am about to present factual information.

Some of you may be aware of my interest in occultism and mysticism. One area I have explored is the Qabalah (recently made famous by Madonna), in particular an aspect of it called gemetria, which involves adding up the numerical value of words in ancient languages (usually Hebrew, the original biblical language)

"Gamling," is spelled in Hebrew Gimel-Aleph-Mem-Lamed-Nun-Gimel. It adds to 124. I flipped open Aleister Crowley's "Sepher Sephiroth" (which was a mystical book long before it was a Final Fantasy 7 boss) and looked up that number. The following words also add to 124 (and hence are equivalent to "Gamling"):

An oak; hardness
Pleasure, delight; Eden

The results speak for themselves. ^_^
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